Training for Freelance Journalists

Journalists travelling to war zones or other high risk areas face considerable security risks. The Committee to Protect Journalists estimate that more than 1100 journalists have been killed since 1992.

The Danish Union of Journalists encourages freelance journalists to do security training before travelling to disaster and conflict areas.

The Danish Union of Journalists has decided that it will partially fund the security training for a limited number of Danish freelance journalists and have set 25.000 DKK aside for this purpose.

Guardian was mentioned as The Danish Union of Journalists as one the providers of hostile environment awareness training.

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Finding housing while studying in Copenhagen

There are several universities to study at in Copenhagen. The biggest are University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School.

Start looking for housing months before you arrive

You should start to look for housing months before you arrive in Copenhagen. It can be very difficult to find accommodation when the semester begins. We strongly advise you to contact your Danish host institution for information about finding housing as soon as you have been accepted into a study programme.

Please be aware that it can be especially difficult to find accommodation in the bigger cities during August and September. We advise against travelling to Denmark at this time without reserving a room first.

Types of accommodation

Some international students prefer to rent a room or a sub-let from a Danish student or landlord. Student halls of residence is also an option. Others rent an apartment or a house, which they share with friends. Whether you choose to live in a student residence, apartment or house you will have to cater for yourself. Cleaning and doing your laundry are also your own responsibility. Look for the mentioned types of accommodation.

Student halls of residence (‘kollegier’)

Student residences offer accommodation in a communal environment. This kind of living may be particularly suitable for international students who have just arrived and don’t know anyone yet. Besides, the rent for a room is generally cheaper than that of a private room. Find a students halls of residence in Denmark.

Another place to look is at  – look for lejebolig københavn.

Insurance When Studying Abroad

studyingYou will need insurance when studying abroad. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity but your insurance may not be valid abroad. You will have to secure specific insurance for your travels. You should check with your insurance carrier to see if your insurance will cover you abroad.

It is very important to have insurance when you are studying abroad. You can run into many situations when you are abroad that will require you to have insurance. Most universities also require that you have your own insurance.

In some countries if you are a foreigner it can be very difficult to get health care without paying out of pocket or having health insurance.

 Finding a Good Deal

Obviously if you are getting ready to study abroad you are a student so finding insurance when studying abroad and saving some money takes priority. You can find a good deal on this type of insurance by shopping around for it.

When you shop for this type of insurance be sure that you are looking for the right type of insurance not all plans are active in all places. It is best to search by the country that you will be studying in. There are some “traveler” insurance plans that offer coverage through certain regions but this typically is a time limit plan that will only cover you for a certain amount of time or a very specific period.

 Shopping for the Plans

If you want to drive while you are studying abroad you may have to get a separate insurance plan for that. Health insurance, accident insurance and any other insurance that you may need can be found by shopping around a bit.

Before you start comparing plans you should contact your host school and find out what the requirements are for insurance when studying abroad in that country. Once you get the details than you can start your search. Most learning institutions will include insurance requirements with the enrollment package but if not just call to be sure.

If you can get a combination type plan you may be able to save some money. Use a reliable website that offers phone support or an online chat feature so if you need to you can get guidance. It is important to have insurance when studying abroad. You will be very far from home and it is always a positive to have insurance in case of any unforeseen mishaps. In most cases it will be required.

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